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AVIVE is an Ethereum-based L2 scaling solution that makes use of zkSNARK technology. The use of zkRollup technology ensures the quickness and dependability of submissions from L2 to L1. Moreover, AVIVE fits within the fourth kind (type4) of zkSNARK technology, which has extremely quick prover times, according to Vitalik Buterin's classification of current zkSNARK technology.

The first DAPP on the Alive Chain is the AVIVE App. By logging onto the AVIVE app and claiming daily, you can earn free VV coins. By collaborating, you can join the social dots and earn BTC rewards from your relationships in the community.

Social Infrastructure AVIVE WORLD SBT utilities such SBT SSO, Soul Wallet, and Social / Community recovery should be redefined in order to create a robust and inclusive social infrastructure. Promote a robust decentralized environment, enabling increased cooperation, creativity, and social impact.

▶️ How to Join AVIVE VV Mining App! Follow below Steps: 👇🏻

  • 1️⃣ ☆ Visit AIRDROP PAGE & Input EMAIL & Click on SEND OTP.
  • 2️⃣ ☆ Collect OTP from your Mail boxes (Spam/Junk) also. 
  • 3️⃣ ☆ Return back the AIRDROP PAGE & Paste OTP & Click REGISTER
  • 4️⃣ ☆ Finally Download the AVIVE APP from there & LOGIN to Start Earning VV & BTC

Encourage the creation of location-based, decentralized AVIVE services and applications, opening up new prospects for societal and economic development. Connect your social dots with the use of geolocation to create more meaningful and individualized social interactions.

In contrast to a conventional centralized platform, AVIVE Apps and developers will be able to use the geo data to create additional Dapps, allowing customers to choose from a larger variety of products and services. Via the AVIVE WORLD marketplace, third-party developers will be able to distribute their app, fostering a more collaborative and dynamic ecosystem.


AVIVE is a cutting-edge initiative that aspires to build a decentralized, equitable, and free social new world based on the metaverse, enabling everyone who is now off-chain to join the blockchain without any restrictions. It has a number of social components, including DeSoc, SBT (Soul-Bound Identity), and LBS (Location-Based Services). Visit the official website to join for more details.

▶️ Governing by AVIVE

With a decentralized governance structure, AVIVE will give token holders a voice in how the network is run. A DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) run by token holders could be able to do this. The DAO might have the authority to decide on crucial issues including protocol modifications, network improvements, and funding distribution.

▶️ AVIVE Voting Procedure

Token holders will be able to vote on ideas using the voting system used by the DAO. A smart contract will be used to conduct the vote, ensuring security, accuracy, and transparency. Anybody, including token owners, developers, and community members, could submit a proposal.

▶️ Locking of AVIVE Tokens

The DAO will put in place a token locking mechanism to stop token holders from voting only with an eye towards short-term gains, and the token holder would have more voting power the longer the lock-up period was in place.

▶️ Prizes for AVIVE Governance

Holders of AVIVE tokens who participate in voting and decision-making will get rewards, which will encourage participation in the governance process. This can be accomplished by giving those who take part in the governance process a share of the network's fees or block rewards.

▶️ AVIVE Transparency

The blockchain can be used to make all proposals and votes visible to the public, ensuring openness in the governance process. Holders of tokens will thereafter be able to view the justifications for proposals as well as the outcomes of votes.






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